Iron DPC offers Exercise Education and Personal Training 

So that our patient can build muscle and strength.

Sports & Exercise Science

Exercise is Medicine is a movement and recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine as a novel therapeutic modality to reverse disease

Exercise Programming

Exercise education is included in our individual and family memberships since we believe exercise is medicine and should be prescribed as a standard of care in the practice of medicine.



Group and individual personal training is offered as well with certain providers.

Stefan Hartmann is a graduate of UCF's Sports & Exercise Science program.
He has been a Master Trainer for LA Fitness and has trained children, teens and adults one-on-one and in small groups.

Make sure to follow the Iron Direct Primary Care Facebook page to learn about events we host for members. For members of Iron DPC who sign up with Stefan they can come for a complementary 1-on-1 functional assessment and basic weight training education at the backyard gym Iron Paradise.

Sarcopenia, An Undiagnosed Epidemic.
Sadly one of the most prevalent conditions in the US and the world is simply not diagnosed.
In conventional medicine, muscle, is considered something only bodybuilders need.
This is the furthest from the truth.
Muscle is actually an endocrine organ. It regulates your metabolism.
Functionally it protects you from damage. Too often as we age we become frail, fall and break a bone in the process. This is entirely preventable. And with the right programming we can reverse Sarcopenia. Each patient at Iron DPC will have an exercise program that is individualized to their functional abilities.