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Healthcare Reform starts with the individual provider.

If you are a provider; be it a PA, NP, MD, DO, PT, OT, speech therapist etc and want to free yourself from the endless insurance billing, the rampant burnout in healthcare and are tired of not helping patients the way you see fit, then becoming a provider at IRON DPC may be for you. This platform is made to connect patients with holistic healthcare  providers.

If you'd like to learn how to do what we do check out or Practitioner Training Program for one-on-one mentoring.

Learn Real Evidence Based Medicine For Free.
Hundreds of hours spent researching the literature. For students of medicine, practitioners, and patients all online.
Search Iron Direct Primary Care on YouTube.

We may also start accepting PA students and NP students.

If you are a critical thinking medical professional I want to hear from you and we can even bring you on the YouTube podcast.

Schools, groups, universities or clubs may reach out to Stefan for speaking arrangements.