Vaccine Injury and Long Hauler

It is unquestionable that COVID-19 causes death and injury and Long Hauler Syndrome.

It is also well established that the vaccines can also cause the same.

At Iron DPC we advocate for early treatment of COVID-19 with protocols that Stefan has been refining and studying since patient 0 in Florida. His video on an Integrative Approach to COVID-19 treatment was published early in 2020 when most practitioners said there was no treatment for COVID and patients were sent home with no help. It was also said that metabolic health and vitamin D did not matter which Stefan strongly opposed. Now we know the truth. 

Stefan was a pioneer in advocating for early treatment despite his limitations back then when he worked for someone else.

At Iron DPC we continue to advocate for early treatment of COVID-19 including prescription medications such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Dexamethasone as well as the supplement protocol.

The treatment protocols for long hauler syndrome both vax induced and wild type are similar. Low Dose Naltrexone is a unique component to this protocol that we utilize.

It takes a thorough history to identify the predisposing factors for injury and knowledge on how to reverse these while trying to stop the inflammation and inhibit the damage cascading through the body. At Iron DPC we cannot promise a cure. But you can be sure we will try our hardest to help you.

Iron DPC  is member of FLCCC