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Urgent Care Telemed

Appropriate use of Urgent care is used for 1 issue. For example, COVID, UTI, Cough.
Complex issues with long medical history, chronic illness, complex disease is not appropriate for urgent care. Also medication refills will only be Rx'd for 30 days via Urgent care. For long term care, a Direct Primary Care membership is more appropriate. 

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This option is commonly used by those looking for FLCCC protocols.

$80 urgent care telemed visit or in-office at 107 Riverside Place South, Indialantic.

Please have a working video phone or laptop for telemed.

Urgent visits are included at no charge for our members. 

For more complex issues with more than one complaint that are not appropriate for urgent care please select the below consult with Dr. Tinney or become a member.

Consult with Dr. Matthew Tinney D.O.

Patients accustomed to fee-per-service functional medicine would select this option. Unlike DPC where visits are free, patients who choose fee-per service will purchase a visit for $149 each time they visit with Dr. Tinney. He can prescribe in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Navada. Outside of those states he cannot prescribe but can still provide a consult.  This would also be an option for members of Justin or Stefan's DPC and would like a consult with Dr. Tinney.

Increasingly both patients and clinicians across the US and globe are requesting a consult with Stefan. Stefan performs services as a "health coach" in this model. Pharmaceuticals cannot be prescribed with this visit and no formal medical diagnosis can be made and no diagnostics can be ordered. This visit is also just $70.

Click link above. $310 charge test and consult included.

Logan Cahoon's female hormone education and advocation on social media has led to a great demand, so we are now offering one time hormone consults. While she is not taking DPC patients, you can request to speak to Logan regarding the telemedicine lab follow up. Otherwise, Stefan manages these cases.

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Comprehensive Blood Work

Coaches in the community have asked us to offer one-time blood draw orders with a visit to review the data for their clients. At Iron DPC we have put together the most comprehensive blood work that no one else is ordering. Your insurance won't pay for this. Thankfully we have excellent rates negotiated with LabCorp. Patient will register with the button below. We will then send an electronic order to LabCorp. Patient will schedule online with LabCorp for a fasting blood draw at any LabCorp location in Florida. Once drawn, full test results take 1.5 weeks to fully result. You will schedule for telemed consult. You will want to create a patient profile with LabCorp to see results.

All the below+ telemed consult with Stefan or Logan for $399. You will not find a better rate anywhere.

5009 CBC 

322000 Comp. Metabolic Panel (14) CMP 

4598 Serum Ferritin 

1321 Iron + TIBC + total iron

1453 HgA1C 

4333 fasting insulin 

10363 IGF-1 

1503 Vitamin B12 

81950 Vitamin D, 25-OH 

328461 TSH + TF4 + Thyabs + TPO + T3F + T3Reverse 

28480 LH & FSH 

82016 SHBG 

4020 DHEA-S 

500108 Estradiol, LC/MS 

70195 LC/MS total and free Testosterone

500142 DHT  

4317 Progesterone (women)

480772 PSA reflex to free (men)

884247 NMR Lipid profile 

6627 CRP Quant

5215 ESR 

+blood draw at any LabCorp center

Men will get a PSA and women will get a progesterone. Not both (because there are only biological males and females and this is not the kind of clinic that doesn't understand the difference).

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