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The Summers Interracial Pool Party Full [WORK]

Hot summer day and an amazing sex party is going on at the swimming pool. But the interracial couple wants one on one action. The brunette chick with small tits looks amazing while sucking and fucking

The Summers Interracial Pool Party Full

Kitty's brow wrinkled, and she looked up in the sky as she considered Samson's request. She glanced down on the field at the rest of the squad. Kitty's closest friends, Miko, Susan, Patty, and Pamela were prominent on the field. The rest of the squad worked out behind them led by Stacy. As the most popular clique in school, the hot cheerleaders all had boyfriends, white of course. Her friends, the rest of the squad, and the entire school for that matter didn't know what to make of Kitty Summers and Samson West's relationship. Miko and Patty had been a little cold while Susan had been openly hostile about Kitty's dating a "nigger". Pamela had been the only friend to encourage her relationship, but then she'd also been seen around Todd a lot, consoling the heartbroken teen. Kitty looked over at the six black football team members clustered together and ogling the exercising cheerleaders wanting something they could never have dreamed of having just a month ago. Now their minds were full of the possibilities. "Mom should be on her way out of town to meet dad. Come to my house in an hour for a dip in the pool and we'll have ourselves a little party."

Miko undid her blouse revealing her yellow bikini much more modest then Kitty's yet her prominent nipples still stuck out, a curse most Coxville women suffered. Miko had full lips and long straight black hair down over her shoulders, the longer ends nearly curving down to her nipples. She was half Okinawan and had a typical shorter and thin Asian figure, but her dad's Coxville genes had given her bigger breasts. She was glad for her firm C cups as her big breasts made her feel like she fitted in more with the Coxville natives that went back for hundreds of years. She sat down beside Kitty and slid into the pool. The water was warm, but cool enough her nipples hardened even further.

Miko was the first to notice the seven black men exiting the house and walking towards the pool. The three shortest of the men walked up to the edge, eyes taking in the various bikini clad beauties. The four taller blacks came up behind them. Pamela was staring intently at Patty's plump rear while she worked the oil into Patty's thighs. Patty sat up with a shock looking in surprise across the pool. Pamela's head slowly turned to follow, her eyes going wide too. Coxville residents tended to selfsegregate. Black students might show up at a party thrown by a white student, but the blacks would stick to themselves while the whites would stick to their side of the living room. It was unheard of to see blacks about to share a pool with whites especially all black men with all white girls.

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To say we love our home and neighborhood would be an understatement. Our house is a 4-bed/2-bath cape cod-style home with a covered front porch and nice big backyard. One of the spare bedrooms is used as a playroom and typically has an elaborate wooden train track set up or a parking lot of hot wheels cars on the floor. The front porch is perfect for drinking fruit smoothies on a hot summer afternoon and the backyard is our family's go-to party space. There's plenty of space for the children's playset, Terri's vegetable and flower gardens, a nice big patio for cookouts, an inflatable pool for keeping cool in the summer, and our fall fire pit gatherings. Not to mention a perfect kids-size hill for sledding when we get the magical white stuff in the winter. Our house backs up to one of many neighborhood parks in our community which includes a walking path, sports fields, and two playgrounds. And our favorite feature of the park: a giant ditch that turns into an ideal puddle for puddle stomping after a rainstorm.

We live close to where Terri grew up and spend lots of time with her family. Terri's mom still lives in their childhood home so she's close by and we see her often. Grandma loves babysitting her grandkids and is a very convenient and skilled babysitter. Terri's four brothers and sisters are all close by, too. Her older siblings also have young children so family gatherings are full of fun, laughter, and the wild shrieks of small children. We get together often and everyone loves coming over for pool parties, fire pits, barbecues, and to play in the backyard or at the park behind our house. One of our favorite family traditions is our annual beach trips. Every September Terri's mom rents a big beach house at Bethany Beach, Delaware and the whole family spends the week together playing on the beach, going to the boardwalk, playing games and having fun. It's definitely one of the highlights of the year.


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