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Buy Candelabras Wholesale BEST

Look back at the splendidness and radiant elegance of ancient times by decorating your interiors and event halls with timeless candelabras. These splendid and spectacular inexpensive candelabras in bulk are an elegant substitute for simple candlesticks. The elegance of this candle holder is complemented by the warm candlelight bringing a classy, yet cozy ambiance wherever you place it for years to come.

buy candelabras wholesale

Featuring our bejeweled 25" Tall 5 Arm Gold Crystal Beaded Globe Metal Candelabra Candle Holder Set which is glamorous enough to cast magic upon all the spectators with its surreal radiance and regal design. These candelabras wholesale for weddings have five candle seats perched on top of metal ornaments, finished with a sparkling gold sheen for a glamorous wedding banquet table. Light up the night with the help of these romantic and regal candelabras for wedding centerpieces. You can also place it on your shelf or table and light the candles of your choice to get a spectacular shine!

Bring some eclectic elegance and majestic sophistication to any table or shelf with our choices of silver candelabras for sale and gold candelabras for sale. They are absolutely striking, a perfect touch of feminine style for your fashionable abode. This accent piece gives a bold statement to any ensemble, while its flourishing arm details and hanging glass crystals bring small scripts of definition and character to each piece. Add them in the middle of your dining table to attract attention with their classic, elegant look, or place them on the ledge with flickering pillar candles located in its hurricane glass vessels for a regal, timeless look in the living room.

You can exhibit these affordable candelabras in bulk as an emblem of luminosity and exoticness. These versatile candelabras wholesale for weddings and all other occasions can be used as an ornate decorative accent to embellish your party tables, counters, and even stage decor. They are also most splendid when used as candelabras for sweet 16, romantic night-outs, formal evening events, or to adorn your home with unsurpassed antiquated charisma. Also great as a gift for friends and family.

Light up your ceremony or reception with candelabra centerpieces for wedding tables! One of the best ways to demonstrate your personal style is through your wedding table decor. Candles are one of the most romantic ways to captivate guests while also shedding soft light in which to dine by. The light of a tabletop candelabra flickers and dances in enchantment with ambient lighting that really completes the perfect tablescape. Whether glamorous or understated, old-fashioned or ultra modern, candelabras sum up a distinct elegance that works with any theme.

Cast a warm glow over your banquet or head tables with a table candelabra centerpiece. Ideally suited for weddings, birthdays, and showers, these versatile ceremony centerpieces add an extra dash of sophistication to your decorative scheme. For a soft look, white or ivory taper candles are the best choice. For a more dramatic impact, black or darker candles go a long way. You can even fill them with flowers, LED lights, and more to match your theme. Our regal candelabras feature decorative arms, many draped in stunning faceted beaded crystal cups that glisten with the even the slightest catch of light. Candelabra centerpieces for flowers are romantically inspirational. They are an ideal centerpiece when used alone for understated grace. They also make the perfect accompaniment to your other decorative pieces or to highlight the delicacies of your dessert table. Start scrolling now to discover your distinct color and style!

Brass and gold candelabras are a gorgeous addition to any venue. No matter where you plan to host your event, these shimmering beauties will really wow your guests. Each style is unique and features elegant design elements in sturdy metal. Each comes in a warm metallic brass or gold that will breathe life into your table décor. View our other table candleabras.

Table candelabras can also be used as subtle accent décor. Use our 1-light teardrop centerpiece candelabra to showcase the cake table or food tables. Our 3-light teardrop centerpiece candelabra features layers of light that can make a personal display or memorial look amazing. Our willow candelabra features hanging glass cups that will make your guest book or wedding favor area glow!

Order your table candelabras today so you can begin experimenting to find the perfect look for your event. Also check out our selection of high quality LED, wax and flameless candles. We carry a huge selection that works with all of our gold and brass candelabra models.

Our acrylic candelabras come in two main varieties: clear and mirror. The clear models feature robust and elegant shapes. The Illuminate collection showcases a broader, sleeker look with the Modern line while the Glow models showcase the other end of the spectrum with a slender profile and classic visual elements. Each is crystalline in texture and appearance and offers the same lightweight construction that only acrylic can supply.

When you want to find the most beautiful, artfully made, vintage candelabras for sale, we are your go-to online resource. The antique candelabra is a thing of beauty and deserving of display wherever you wish to showcase it. Crafted with an eye toward creative artistry, a vintage candelabra stands out for its intricate detailing, which often incorporates a design style from a specific time period. These bring old world quality to any table centerpiece.

Vase Market has a collection of over 120 designs, styles, and sizes of wholesale candle holders. A majority of our wholesale candle holders are made of high end hand blown glass, but some (like our candelabra) are made of aluminum. With the convenience of a wholesale program open to the public, anyone can buy in bulk and get a tremendous discount off our retail prices for any candle holder design we offer. Take advantage of our sale prices and discount codes and you can save even more!

There are so many types of candle holders to choose from, ranging from hurricane candle shades to stem glass candle holders, to terrarium tealight holders. With our ultra low affodable wholesale candle holders, you can acquire these beautiful glass candle holders and properly prepare for your special events, weddings, birthdays, quinceanera, debut, sweet sixteen, graduation, anniversary, or corporate parties.

Brighten up your store with our range of wholesale candles and colored glass candlestick holders. Available to bulk buy in pink, orange, blue and green they are sure to spark the interest of your customers. Perfect for adding style and height to any fireplace, dining table or even as wedding table decorations.

For Christmas, stock up on our red and dark green Christmas candle holders. Perfect for those looking for tradition Christmas table decorations, they will make for a show stopping table centrepiece that is sure to wow your guests on Christmas Day. Alternatively, reuse and sell on Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween or offer all year round as wholesale gifts.

We offer a variety of tabletop lighting products including restaurant table lamps, cartridge candles, candelabras, tea lights, and taper candles! House your favorite lighting option in restaurant candle holders of varying shapes, sizes, and styles with or without shades.If you prefer a non-flame option, we also offer flameless candles and battery-operated restaurant table lamps to eliminate fire hazards and burns. These options are especially smart for restaurants that welcome families and children, or have a more hectic atmosphere!

Candleabras, candlestick holders or candle stands, are a classic and elegant way to display taper candles or pillar candles for a dinner party, or in your family room as an eye-catching centrepiece on special occasions. We have a plethora of candelabras available, ranging from classic and minimalist to bold and modern in different hues and finishes.

Our candelabra features include single and multiple candle holding capabilities, broad bases for added stability, delicate stems and broad bases to place your votive candles, taper candles or crystal candle pieces. They add a decorative flair to any room you place them in, and they're an excellent way to set the mood. You can also use our range of LED, or fake candles, with these candelabras. A safe option for families with young children, or if you're wantint to display your candelebras out in the garden - fake candles will flicker and shine with no risk of a fire hazard.

Bring your rooms to life with our elegant candelabras for sale. At Unlimited Containers, we carry an extensive selection of decorative candelabras perfect for dressing up any space. Create a relaxed atmosphere for your clients and guests with our cleaver artistic designs.

Our fantastic range of wholesale candle holders is available in a variety of materials and finishes. We've got some amazing designs from big bold floor standing candlesticks to neat little tea light holders and wall sconces.

Browse our collection of wholesale candle holders today. Login in to your account to view our amazing trade prices and order today using our secure process.PLEASE NOTE: The candles and tea lights used in the imagery are for illustration purposes and are not included. You are able to purchase these from our collection of wholesale candles. 041b061a72


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