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Welcome to the
Human Performance

For questions contact: and

(321) 378-1207‬ for questions about the HPA

At our 107 Riverside Place Indialantic location something very cool is happening that has never been seen before in Brevard county or perhaps anywhere in the State. We are creating a Kurort. It is a German word meaning a healing place. Traditional Northern European healing practices of Sauna and Cold submersion therapy are now available here in Indialantic. This is an elite membership exclusive to only a select few who will be given keycode gate access to this area for unlimited self-access whenever they need. Membership will cap out quickly.

All inclusive benefits:

Fingerprint access whenever you need.

Morozko Cold forge

Traditional barrel sauna with HUUM stones.

Outdoor functional training turf area with kettlebells, knees over toes equipment etc

Outdoor squat rack, bench press, and eventually dumbells up to 100lbs

X3 resistance band system x2

Private gate with lock combination for self access. Outdoor shower to rinse off between sauna and cryo,

Red light therapy

EWOT (exercise with oxygen)

We are filling up already and will be capping membership to keep this exclusive and private and a space for healing and optimal performance. 

$70/month per person
+ $100 registration fee (includes passkey and tutorial for cold/heat.)
Ages 14+ 

Iron DPC members can request this service added on to their existing membership.

There are medical conditions that may prohibit your use of these devices. Please read the agreements carefully that will be emailed to you (check spam) (i know you just want to skim through them but it is important here.) Your membership will not be approved until signed. You will not be able to access the area until tutorial is completed.
Contact Lynne Hartmann to schedule this appointment

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About Cryo and the Morozko

The Morozko Ice Bath is the first ice bath that can maintain freezing cold temperatures.  Unlike a cold tub, a cold plunge, or a cold shower, Morozko ice baths make their own ice. Water filtration and ozonation ensure that you enjoy crystal-clear cold water, empowering you to practice daily deliberate cold exposure year-round.

Cryotherapy has numerous benefits including: significantly improving osteoarthritis, reducing viral illness, converting white adipose tissue to brown adipose (the white is inflammatory and cardiac risk type of fat).

Traditional sauna 

The traditional Finnish sauna, characterized by dry heat and high temperatures (around 80-100°C or 176-212°F), offers a rich tapestry of potential benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. Here are some highlights:

Physical benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health: The heat in a sauna increases heart rate and blood flow, mimicking the effects of moderate exercise. This can help improve cardiovascular health over time, with studies suggesting reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and sudden cardiac death.

  • Pain relief: The heat and humidity in a sauna can ease muscle pain and stiffness, particularly after exercise. This can be helpful for individuals with conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

  • Improved detoxification: Saunas induce sweating, which is thought to help eliminate toxins and pollutants from the body. This can improve skin health and give your immune system a boost.

  • Respiratory benefits: The warmth and humidity in a sauna can loosen mucus and clear airways, potentially offering relief for individuals with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

  • Improved sleep: The relaxation response triggered by a sauna session can improve sleep quality, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Mental benefits:

  • Stress reduction: The heat and relaxation of a sauna can help lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels and promote the release of endorphins (feel-good chemicals). This can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of tension.

  • Improved mood: The endorphin release triggered by saunas can elevate mood and boost overall well-being. Saunas can be a form of self-care, promoting feelings of peace and calmness.

  • Socialization and relaxation: Finnish saunas are often enjoyed in a social setting, fostering connection and community. The combination of heat, relaxation, and social interaction can be a powerful stress reliever and mood booster.

Additional benefits:

  • Skin health: The increased blood flow and sweating from saunas can promote healthy skin by removing dead cells and improving circulation.

  • Boosts the immune system: Regular sauna use may stimulate white blood cell production, potentially enhancing your immune function.

  • Improved athletic performance: Some athletes use saunas for pre-competition training or recovery, promoting blood flow and muscle relaxation.

Vibe Plate at HPA + X3 resistance band system.

Combining resistance band training with a vibration plate can be a unique and potentially effective way to boost your workout routine. Here are some of the potential benefits:

Enhanced muscle activation:

  • Vibration plates send pulsating waves through your body, which can trigger involuntary muscle contractions. This can be especially beneficial for smaller, stabilizing muscles that might not be fully engaged during traditional resistance band exercises.

  • Increased strength and muscle tone: The added challenge of the vibration plate contractions, combined with the resistance from the bands, can lead to greater muscle stimulation and growth.

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion:

  • The vibrations can help loosen tight muscles and fascia, potentially increasing your flexibility and range of motion. This can make your movements more fluid and efficient during resistance band exercises.

  • Reduced risk of injury:

  • Vibration plates may help improve proprioception, which is your body's awareness of its position in space. This can lead to better balance and coordination, potentially reducing the risk of injury during exercise.

  • Faster recovery:

  • The vibrations are thought to improve blood flow and circulation, which can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and remove waste products. This can promote faster recovery after workouts.

  • Additional benefits:

  • Bone density: Some studies suggest that vibration plate training may help increase bone density, which is important for preventing osteoporosis.

  • Balance and coordination: The instability caused by the vibrations can challenge your balance and coordination, leading to improvements in these areas.

  • Weight loss: The increased calorie burn from the combined workout may contribute to weight loss or maintenance.


There are three sets of X3 resistance bands at the HPA. The X3 Bar system, offer some potential advantages over traditional weightlifting, but it's important to consider both sides before making a decision. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

Potential benefits of X3 resistance bands:

  • Variable resistance: Unlike traditional weights, which offer constant resistance throughout the range of motion, X3 bands provide greater resistance during the strongest part of the lift and less resistance during the weakest part. This can lead to:

    • More muscle growth: Studies suggest that variable resistance training can stimulate greater muscle growth than traditional weightlifting.

    • Reduced risk of injury: The lower resistance at the weakest points can help protect your joints from excessive strain.

    • Increased workout intensity: You can lift heavier weights overall because the bands help you overcome your sticking points.

EWOT, which stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, involves breathing air with a higher concentration of oxygen than the usual 21% found in the atmosphere while you exercise. This can be done using various methods, like wearing a nasal cannula or mask connected to an oxygen concentrator

which gives 96% pure oxygen.

How it works:

  • During exercise, your body naturally demands more oxygen for energy production and waste removal. EWOT provides that extra oxygen, potentially increasing its delivery to tissues and cells beyond what regular exercise alone can achieve.

  • This boosted oxygenation is thought to stimulate various beneficial processes, including:

    • Improved cellular respiration, leading to higher energy production and efficiency.

    • Enhanced blood flow and circulation, helping deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and remove waste products.

    • Stimulation of stem cell activity, promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

    • Reduced inflammation, which can contribute to pain and chronic disease progression.

Potential benefits for treating disease:

  • Chronic conditions: EWOT is being explored for managing conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and neurological disorders. Research suggests it may improve symptoms by increasing oxygen supply to affected tissues.

  • Recovery: After surgery or injury, EWOT may reduce inflammation, promote tissue healing, and shorten recovery time.

  • Athletic performance: Some athletes use EWOT for pre-competition training or recovery. The idea is that increased oxygen uptake can improve endurance, stamina, and power output. However, the evidence for this benefit is mixed.


The HPA also has red light therapy for use.

Summary of research: Red and near-infrared light penetrate deeply into body tissues, where they impart their benefits by enhancing mitochondrial energy production.
• Cytochrome C oxidase is needed for oxygen use by cells. If you inhibit cytochrome C oxidase, a healthy cell turns into a cancer cell.
• Cells make free radicals called nitric oxide when exposed to toxins. Nitric oxide binds directly to cytochrome C oxidase and DEACTIVE IT, turning it into a defective "cancer cell"  
• Red light and near-infrared light UNBIND (aka photodissociate) nitric oxide from the cytochrome c oxidase enzyme, restoring its activity.
• ALSO, cytochrome C oxidase absorbs red light which means it gets SUPERCHARGED by red light and increases it's activity!! So you get enhanced cellular metabolism including:
○ Increased energy (ATP)
○ Increase cellular oxygenation
○ Reduced free radicals/inflammation

• 64 obese women 20-40y for 20 weeks. Exercise in both groups, but only one did red light immediately after exercise, done 3 times weekly.
• Women in exercise + red light therapy DOUBLED their fat loss "fat mass (kg; -11.26 ± 2.82 vs. -5.80 ± 2.82; P < 0.0002)"
• Insulin resistance went down "HOMA-IR index (-38.08 ± 9.23 vs. -20.91 ± 14.42; P < 0.0001)"
• Total muscle mass also went up! "(kg; 0.60 ± 1.09 vs. -1.38 ± 1.70; P < 0.003)"

○ 2015, lasers surgery and medicine: The potential of phototherapy to reduce body fat, insulin resistance and "metabolic inflexibility" related to obesity in women undergoing weight loss treatment.,and%20changes%20in%20lipid%20metabolism.

• Forty healthy men and women ages 18–65 years with a BMI <30 kg/m2 were randomized 1:1 to laser or control treatment. Subject's waistlines were treated 30 min twice a week for 4 weeks
• 635– 680 nm used
• Red light increases fat loss from adipocytes by release of triglycerides, without inducing lipolysis or cell lysis.
• LLLT achieved safe and significant girth loss sustained over repeated treatments and cumulative over 4 weeks of eight treatments
○ 2011, obese surgery journal. Efficacy of Low-Level Laser Therapy for Body Contouring and Spot Fat Reduction.

• 60 overweight BMI pts,
• 3 times weekly for 4 weeks Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), twice weekly for 6 weeks, or once weekly for 12 weeks
• Majority were female (90%) with an average age of 43.7 years (± 9.2 years)
• Twice weekly for 6 weeks group did the best (1 ± 1.7 (±SD) kg by week 6)
○ 2020, lasers med sci. Low-level laser therapy for weight reduction: a randomized pilot study.

• In short: pts lost 3 inches of fat in just two weeks of red light therapy.
• 86 pts, 635 nm, every-other-day for 2 weeks, 20 minutes of anterior and posterior treatment.
• waist, hips, and thighs were measured at baseline and 1 week after the 2 week tx
• 2.99 in mean loss was noted!
○ Waist = -1.12 in
○ Hips = -0.769in
○ Thighs = -1.17in
• 2013, lasers in surghery and medicine journal. Independent evaluation of low-level laser therapy at 635 nm for non-invasive body contouring of the waist, hips, and thighs.

• Near infrared light can help:
○ methanol intoxication, optic nerve trauma and neuropathy, retinal injuries and pigmentosa, and macular degeneration.
○  NIR light can also help brains to recover from atherothrombotic stroke, brain injury, and neurodegeneration.

• "Clinical studies have also shown that red light irradiation can effectively prevent and control myopia (nearsightedness, aka can't see far away)"
• They irradiate the cornea and retina
• Red light is protective to the cornea, it undoes blue light damage!! "Cell experiments demonstrate that red light has a clear protective effect on the cornea, which can counteract the potential environmental damage of blue light with respect to cell tissue and can reduce mechanical damage to the corneal endothelium induced by high intraocular pressure (IOP)"
○ Blue light is toxic and causes mitochondria dysfunction
• Same with the retina. Red light is protective, blue light is damaging.
2022, indian J Opthalmol. Red light irradiation as an intervention for myopia.

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