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Freedom Fitness office hours and why you want to build muscle

Finally found another freedom loving business that is open to having me establish some office hours for patients. I have opened new appointment booking options for Wednesday from 9am to 1pm at Freedom Fitness. It is a classic old-school gym with all the fitness equipment one can imagine and more. Derek and Bridget are the patriots that own this gym. They offer Iron DPC members discounted memberships.

This collaboration with FF is important in my mission to practice Iron Medicine, my own brand of medicine. My plan was always to have a gym/office and incorporate weightlifting with medicine, because Exercise Is Medicine. There is no disease state that does not benefit from exercise. Depression? Improved by strength training. Osteoporosis, obesity, DMII? Reversed by resistance training. Autoimmune disease? Improved by progressive resistance training. Multiple Sclerosis? Just ask Dr. Terry Wahls. Resistance training and the AIP diet got her out of a wheelchair. She gave a lecture to us at A4M Las Vegas about her story of MS.

I hope that more patients start taking resistance training seriously as they would a prescription. Derek is the lead personal trainer at FF and would be the person to reach out to for one-on-one progressive resistance training program. He can be reached at

Weather you are involved in our weight loss program and using hormone replacement and peptides or you are simply trying to make yourself more resistant to injury and disease, or you're trying to reverse a difficult illness, then building muscle is the best way to improve your health.

Or just think of having more muscle as the ticket to being able to eat more ice cream! Think of your muscle mass as your metabolic budget. More muscle = higher basal metabolic rate. Turn yourself into the Ford F-150 gas guzzler rather than the Toyota Prius. Basically, by optimizing your muscle mass you will be primed to process glucose and carbohydrates correctly. Instead of the sugar bouncing around your arteries causing damage, the sugar will be stored in the form of glycogen (the storage form of glucose) INSIDE THE MUSCLE. This is what I'm talking about with INSULIN SENSITIVITY. This is your body primed and ready. It knows that you could hit the gym at any second and put your frame under a lot of strain and it needs that energy source readily available.

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