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Human Performance Arena

The HPA is a private membership regenerative medicine and fitness facility.

To learn about the research behind the type of sauna we have here and the protocols for health watch this lecture.

Learn about the X3 system we have here.

I suggest the following protocol for members of the HPA:

Start with cold plunge 1-3 minutes. Beware of too cold extremities and stick them out of the cold. Brace yourselves for the cold. Do not panic or hyperventilate. Breathe slowly through the nose. Enter the forge slowly to avoid splashes. Please exit and step onto the boot mat and drape towel around midsection. Dry feet with towel before stepping off mat. Some people at the HPA go for very long in the cold. This is not necessary unless there is a specific medical condition like parkinsons that requires that level. For overall wellness most studies show 11 minutes TOTAL over the course of a week is fine.

After cold go for a workout in the yard. Do not do resistance training and then go in for a cold plunge. This counteracts the positive effect of muscle inflammation and stimulus for muscle growth.

Finish with sauna between 175F to 185F for HGH boost. Take breaks every 5-7 minutes. I will usually do a cycle of 2 sessions. Please turn sauna off after use.

Bring water with electrolytes! We do sell the LMNT electrolytes in the front office when it is open. Leave cash at front desk for a box.

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