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The Alpine Ring, Book 1

The Alpine Ring is the first in a science fiction series that I have been writing for about a decade.


The Alpine Ring, a society hemmed in on all sides by the natural barriers of the Swiss Alps, stands alone in Central Europe fifty years after the Fiat War. Fortified by citadels built into the mountains, Claudia and Massimo, two young lieutenants of the Alpine dragoon regiment, fight against demonic creatures multiplying throughout the world and technologically advanced human enemies hell-bent on wiping out the only home the Alpiners have known. Their only chance at ending the relentless fighting lies in an alliance with a group of humans who have inhumanly adapted to the hostile lands.

Claudia and Massimo venture into Northern Italy where Claudia discovers that she is more than just a dragoon. What she learns sets her on a globetrotting adventure and a race against time before humanity is destroyed by a mysterious new enemy.

Alpiner's Raven series is a fast-paced, plot-driven, globetrotting adventure that YA and adult fans of fantasy, thriller, action and sci fi will enjoy. The scenic backdrop of Northern Italy will inspire anyone to take a trip to visit the Swiss-Italian Alps.

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