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What makes Iron DPC unique


If you're new here we'd like to thank you for your interest in Iron Direct Primary Care.

Let's start with what is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a novel way of delivering healthcare outside the insurance system. It is a growing tend among healthcare providers in the US who are leaving the corrupt insurance system. DPC is more personal and gives the patient direct access to their primary. It brings back the sacred nature of medicine and eliminates administrative hurdles and allows your primary to focus more on your wellbeing. This also means there’s no waiting rooms, no talking to a secretary, and no red tape. Think of it like a gym membership. For a low monthly fee you have access to your primary whenever you need him or her.

Iron Direct Primary Care provides something that no one else is doing in the US as far as we have seen.

We are conventionally trained medical professionals, so of course we can prescribe, order tests, perform minor surgical procedures etc. At Iron DPC you will find a unique blend of integrative & functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, biohacking, nutrition mentoring, exercise science coaching and performance optimization with an old school medicine feel where the doctor takes their time and doesn’t rush. We synthesize the modern telemedicine approach with old-school old school house calls for locals. Visiting the patient’s home gives us in-depth insight into environmental toxins, nutrition inventory, and home health optimization.

We also keep costs in mind for patients. We have negotiated rates with LabCorp that allow us to order deeper analysis that insurance doesn’t pay for and that regular doctors don’t understand. We have cheap imaging rates negotiated at Viera Diagnostics and University Center Imaging.

We have a network of compounding pharmacies that provide high quality medicines at affordable rates.

In addition, we run weekly interactive events with members of Iron DPC such as the Iron Paradise gym sessions, tennis clinics, cooking lessons and much more.

The biggest benefit of choosing Iron DPC over an insurance based doctor’s office is that we are allowed to think outside the box.

This means we don’t have to do what insurance dictates. Insurance tells primaries when to give patients vaccines and which patients need pharmaceutical drugs for certain lab results. This is cookie-cutter medicine.

At Iron DPC we deliver precision-medicine tailored to the patient. We have a whole new world of nutrition, alternative modalities and interventions, medicines, herbals, supplements, hormones and cutting edge peptides to pull from to share with our patients. There is no textbook for what we do. No class in medical training can teach it.

We continue to learn every day, completing courses in functional medicine and anti-aging medicine. The Iron Direct Primary Care youtube channel is a source for any patient or professional trying to learn deeper.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon.

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