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1. Understand Root Cause of Illness

2. Exercise is Medicine

2. Nutrition is fundamental to health 

3. No harm and precision Medicine

5. Advocate for immune health, health freedom, ancestral diet and living. 

6. Vitality and health throughout extended lifespan is possible. Pathological aging is not normal. 

7. Metabolic disease is lifestyle reversible

Above the Clouds

Why choose us?

At Iron DPC has changed the way conventionally trained medical professionals approach health. We have worked in conventional medicine and realize that the sick-care model, where business is reimbursed based off how many diagnosis codes we can put into the system to bill at a higher level, needs to change.

The Direct Primary Care model of care is the solution to the US healthcare crisis.

Direct Primary Care offers an affordable subscription model (like a gym membership) that will provide you with comprehensive health care. Our goal is to empower you to be less reliant on the sick-care model of healthcare currently in use in the US. We also do not want to be part of the "urgent care" problem. This system encourages reactive medicine or Burger-King style "have-it-your-way" pill for an ill. We want to encourage lifestyle and root cause health optimization and this cannot be done in one visit.

Through lifestyle coaching, nutrition mentoring, and exercise programming the majority of illness can be reversed. We have negotiated the best rates for labs as well as negotiated affordable radiographic imaging at local centers.

Advanced lab work for complex autoimmune problems and advanced hormone analysis can also be done for complex cases.

We are also prescribers in the State of Florida and expanding our nationwide reach. This allows us to fulfill all medication orders/refills. We can order any test and refer as needed. 

We also have taken advanced training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This puts us in an elite category of providers who have learned that aging is a root cause of disease and can and should be treated early before the decline can set in. We also believe in preserving the dignity of the aging patient and offer anti-aging medicine to our patients of any age.

In addition to providing telemedicine care across Florida, we also provide local acute care and at home visits as clinically indicated in Brevard.

Local at-home physicals are included in the subscription plan as indicated. Have a question? Send and email or text message right to your primary.  Providers at Iron DPC may even want to come to your home to do a Kitchen Inventory and go over nutrition planning and identify your functional ability for exercise programming.

We also are planning dynamic events for patients of irondpc such as group tennis lessons and personal training sessions.

Direct Primary Care is the convenient and more affordable option even if you have health

insurance. We don't have copays or hassle. You have a direct line to your primary and receive individualized, personal care.

The 21st century and the COVID pandemic has changed the landscape of how healthcare is delivered. Most medicine can be provided virtually. There is no need to take off work to go to appointments. If you need to be physically seen then the provider at Iron DPC can arrange that.

In addition, patients pay exorbitant amounts in monthly premiums and see little use. Iron DPC changes all that. Having cheap catastrophic insurance still makes sense in the case of traumatic events, but otherwise it is cheaper to go outside the insurance system.

At Iron DPC our goal is to maximize your health and keep you from ever needing to

rely on the sick care system.

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