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Iron DPC Shopping List

Iron DPC approved shopping list is very simple and you can get these items at costco, BJs, walmart. It is slightly more expensive to buy grass fed or organic, but the better ratio of omega-3 to 6 in these meats and higher nutrient density will provide enhanced satiety which will require overall less calories and thus less overall cost for food and, of course, less costly illness. 1. Ground beef (grass-fed). This is the staple of the ancestral diet. It is cheap and nutritious. We prefer a fattier version like the 85% or 80% lean. Even 70% which is super tasty. 2. Eggs. Always pasture raised. Nellie's or Pete's are good brands. Eggs are another staple of the diet. 3. Other meats to mix it up sometimes. We like Bison which is naturally lean and is always pasture raised. Lamb is a