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Iron DPC Shopping List

Iron DPC approved shopping list is very simple and you can get these items at costco, BJs, walmart. It is slightly more expensive to buy grass fed or organic, but the better ratio of omega-3 to 6 in these meats and higher nutrient density will provide enhanced satiety which will require overall less calories and thus less overall cost for food and, of course, less costly illness. 1. Ground beef (grass-fed). This is the staple of the ancestral diet. It is cheap and nutritious. We prefer a fattier version like the 85% or 80% lean. Even 70% which is super tasty. 2. Eggs. Always pasture raised. Nellie's or Pete's are good brands. Eggs are another staple of the diet. 3. Other meats to mix it up sometimes. We like Bison which is naturally lean and is always pasture raised. Lamb is also excellent. These are commonly found at Costco and BJs. Other meats like pork, Duck, Elk, boar are more difficult to acquire but you can order them online on NorthStar Bison US Wellness Meats Grassland Beef White Oak Pastures 4. Organ meats. Publix has a good grass fed beef liver by Skylark which is found in the frozen section next to the Bill Gates fake meats. Otherwise organ meats can be ordered online from North Star Bison, US Wellness Meats, White Oak Pastures. Organ meats should be incorporated at least once weekly. Liver pate or chopped fine and swallowed raw perhaps with Smack Sally Tijuana Flats sauce. 5. Fruits- ideally organic. I'll pick up a BOGO berries from publix on occasion. Avocado, mango etc especially when in season. 6. White rice (rinse it well and maybe soak it to remove arsenic), organic squash, potato as good carb fillers. 7. If you'd like, perhaps some organic arugula if a green is desired. Maybe organic carrots. 8. Condiments- Primal Kitchen and Smack Sally are perhaps the only ones I have found that aren't full of toxic seed oils. Salt- ideally Celtic Sea salt. 9. Water- spring water. San Pellegrino or Spindrift as no calorie fun drinks. Pick up some organic lime for the San Pellegrino (BJs or Costco have them in bulk) or Mountain Valley (not common in our area). Kombucha I've found typically has an extraordinary amount of added sugar. When made properly, the yeast should be allowed to eat all the sugar. It's easy to make kombucha yourself. And don't forget DrinkLMNT to add to your water on these hot summer days. 10. Dairy. Grass fed butter is a must! Raw grass fed milk can be obtained from Paradise.Health_ Organic Girly Organic Girly or Jungle Organics. If you cannot acquire real milk then just skip it. Go for a coconut milk instead or rice milk or even soy milk if you are trying to increase estrogen. A bit of pasteurized milk creamer is fine in a coffee. 11. Fermented food. Enzymes! Enzymes are life itself. One definition of death is the cessation of enzymatic activity. We like raw dairy since it has intact enzymes that aid in digestion and also promote health and the immune system. The Eskimos and natives who ate an ancestral diet ferment much of their food and eat much raw food or cook it very rare. Natives who follow an ancestral diet have virtually no disease. Old physicians of the 1900s would send natives suffering tuberculosis who ate white man's food back to the wild natives and their TB would resolve after eating enzyme rich foods again. Thus, I would recommend acquiring some sauerkraut or kimchi. It's possible to ferment cabbage yourself to make sauerkraut. Raw yogurt would be great, but hard to find. Publix has a greenwise Whole Yogurt that, albeit pasteurized, is good enough. And be careful what yogurt you buy. No 0% yogurt, no "fat free" yogurt etc. None of that nonsense. Whole yogurt with no added sugars. 12. Bread. Simply Bread For You sourdough is the best in our area. Finding an ancestral grain properly fermented sourdough bakery is difficult. Most bread on the shelves is filled with inorganic metal shavings and preservatives that keep a grain looking good on the shelf for 8 weeks. Steel mills and other industries sell their metal shavings back to the food industry to "fortify" cereals and breads. The cereals in your cupboard are not food, but science experiments and libido-crushing tools of the Seventh Day Adventists. Crush up the cereal and place in a bowl of water and have the kids use a magnet to lure the metal-shaving-filled cereal around a bowl like the snake that it is.

13. We have great options for local fish and fish in season. I will always keep a stash of canned sardines or tuna in olive oil ready with me when I'm traveling (and a large stack of them next to my post-apocalypse bullets supply).

I like smoked wild caught salmon, fresh raw oysters and cooked mussels. Spanish mackerel and whiting is often available fresh and local especially if dad goes fishing.

I will often keep a bag of frozen salmon from Costco and I even found an interesting cooked octopus treat there. 14. Ice cream. It takes a lot of ingredient study to find a non-toxic ice cream, but it's worth the time. Publix has a decent greenwise or hagen das version, but only two of the flavors have less than 4 ingredients. Most have High Fructose Corn Syrup (promotes fatty liver disease in children and adults) and soybean oil and other pro-oxidants better used as machine lubricants. It's ok to have ice cream or more sugar and carbs if you are training hard and growing muscle. Think of muscle as your processor for refined carbs and sugar. If you are training your body and muscle and growing muscle then you can tolerate more carbs. If you are sedentary and have more fat than muscle, then you will not easily store carbs and sugar as glycogen (the storage form of glucose). This is the fate of 88% of the American population. Less than 12% are metabolically healthy. This is what Iron stands for in Iron DPC. You must lift iron to grow muscle. A walk on flat surface for 30 minutes is good, but does not stimulate muscle enough. You need progressive strength training. This is why I host weekly workouts to introduce patients to weight training and advocate for hormone optimization with medicines and peptides. I would recommend acquiring a personal trainer. I used to be a Master Trainer at LA Fitness before entering medicine and I saw firsthand how important having a trainer was for people. You will see quicker benefits with the guidance of a trainer. I have a partnership with Freedom Fitness of FL in Melbourne and Derek, the owner and trainer, provides 1-on-1 training at his excellent facility. It may seem expensive to hire a trainer, but what you will learn shall last a lifetime and you can pass it on the right habits to your children. Iron DPC's focus is not on counting calories or counting steps. Rather, we focus on nutrient density and satiety. Eat real food, don't shun real fats and eat for the nutrients and lift weights. Pretty simple, right?

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