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Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans live in chronic pain and chronic back pain.

Stefan trained under one of the top experts on the planet in chronic back pain, Dr. Deukmedjian.

The #1 reason patients continue to live in pain is the improper diagnosis.

At IRON DPC you will receive the correct diagnosis.

The next step is understanding the underlying reason for the pain. The most common denominator is a chemical inflammation. That is what must be corrected.

Once the correct diagnosis is identified then the correct therapy can be recommended.

IRON DPC has connections with affordable imaging and physical therapy. 

We have a Flobility health coach that can create a non-weight bearing, core strengthening program to correct weak musculature. 

We have a focus on anti-inflammatory dietary, lifestyle and supplement modalities.

And finally, we have a good working relationship with the top experts in the world on pain at Deuk Spine Institute. 

IRON DPC does NOT prescribe narcotic pain killers or benzodiazepines for chronic conditions. On the contrary, we are advocates for Low-Dose-Naltrexone for chronic pain. Naltrexone is commonly known as the antidote for alcohol and narcotic addiction.

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