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Wheelchair on the Beach


Currently we are limited in our ability to help outside of Florida. We are considering creating programs for patients to get help in Florida and Costa Rica.

Stefan is considering starting a "Kurort" in Florida.

Justin is considering starting a Costa Rican healing retreat.



Borrowed from German Kurort, in some cases via Russian куро́рт (kurórt).



kurort (plural kurorts)


A health resort, especially one in a German-speaking country or in the area of the former Soviet Union.


Essentially patients would come stay in our Kurort where they would be deeply involved in a healing and nutrition protocol. Implementing lab testing, peptide therapies, IV nutrition therapies, sauna, cryo, somatic healing, infrared light therapy, ancestral diet, personal training. This would be for patients interested in an intensive healing and educational program to learn the ancestral diet. Location is by the beach in Melbourne Beach with the Hartmanns or a location in Costa Rica with Justin Chamberland.


We are having more and more patients reach out nationally and internationally and this is one option to help more patients.


Let us know if there would be an interest in this by emailing

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