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Type II Diabetes Reversal

The data is in:
DMII is reversible

As an IRON DPC patient you will see your provider one-on-one to create a custom program to reverse diabetes.

This is done via kitchen inventory where your provider will visit your kitchen either in person or virtually and go through the items in your fridge and pantry and discuss each one as it relates to reversing diabetes.

The current evidence suggests a Low Carbohydrate High Fat and Animal Based Diet is the superior method for reversing diabetes. Your IRON DPC provider will coach you in the methods of these diets.

Your IRON DPC provider will create a custom exercise program based off your functional ability. We will work on time management and cost-effective strategies to reverse DMII.

We go over every detail. Your everyday habits. How much you sit. How to optimize sunlight. Grocery shopping lists. The toxins your consuming. Your drinking water. 

Diabetes is a complicated subject that cannot be reversed in a 15 minute meeting your your PCP at the office.

For patients that live in other countries or States it's possible to reverse diabetes as well with the right education and that's why Stefan publishes hours and hours of lectures reviewing the latest literature on youtube for reversing diabetes.  International clients or out of state clients could even subscribe to Iron DPC for health coaching (strictly non-medical) under one of the individual plans.

See below for the Iron DPC University 

My YouTube channel has hours of free content empowering diabetic patients to take back control of their sugars

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