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High Blood Pressure (Hypertesnion) is
reversible without medication

The latest evidence suggests that low-salt diets don't lower blood pressure and even increase mortality.

Further, polypharmacy (multiple medications), increase risk of death, disability and falls as we age. Patients are often placed on multiple blood pressure medications some that damage the kidneys as well.

At IRON DPC your provider will identify the root cause of hypertension and treat the underlying reason for high blood pressure through an understanding that hypertension is caused by inflammation and via an in-depth analysis of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, sleep, stress as they affect the arterial wall. 

Sometimes medication is needed. Perhaps bioidentical hormone replacement is needed? Perhaps you are suffering with long haul covid hypertension and a trial of ivermectin is needed. Maybe you are one of those patients that needs lisinopril and metoprolol. Regardless, IRON DPC will look much deeper than your conventional provider.

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