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Iron DPC Membership includes: self-schedule visits in office and telemedicine at any time free! Provider's contact info to reach for matters as needed. You become the patient of the provider you click on below.
This is not an ER or urgent care (obviously) so new patients cannot expect immediate scheduling. Patients will be provided a self-scheduling link and welcome email (monitor spam folder) once registered. Please be patient. Also please read waivers carefully. Monitor spam folder for appointment reminders.


All prices billed monthly. Please register for individual or family memberships. 

Jason Walsh, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C)

Jason is licensed in CA, TX, OH, WA and the state of Florida. He is a Brevard County local and sees patients both in office and via telemedicine. 



Whole Nuclear family $129 

individual + Spouse 


Individual plus children (single parent + children)


Pediatric only membership $30/month click on purple tab to register for this

*One Time Registration Fee individual – $200

* One time Registration fee per fam- $150

Jason licensed in CA, TX, OH, WA in addition to FL

Note that this is the primary care subscription for patients interested in long-term primary care relationship. This is not for one-time visits. This is also not for "trying it out". This is only for patients dedicated towards health optimization. 

*Attention* Iron DPC is ONLY for patients ready for precision medicine. Health insurance is for disease management and catastrophic illness and it is NOT for health optimization. If you would like insurance-type healthcare please go elsewhere. The labs we do, the nutrients we advise, the lifestyle interventions we suggest and the medicines we prescribe ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. However we do have affordable methods to optimize health available. Rockerfeller-based petrochemical medicine keeps you sick. We were taught this way in school and understand that it is NOT moral or ethical to practice this way. We want you so healthy and powerful with life that you never need sick-care medicine or develop common disease of age. Anti-aging medicine IS primary care. Our patients become super healthy and full of life. For this reason we are a subscription based practice. Sick-care primary cares prefer they can bill insurance higher for multiple ICD-10 codes at your visit and see you more often for those diseases to bill your insurance. Please do not ask us to invent 10 undiagnosed disease code to your chart so you can try to bill your insurance for labs.

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Stefan has paused new DPC memberships and is asking that interested patients and families register with FNP Walsh above.

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