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DPC Membership includes: self-schedule visits in office and telemedicine at any time free! Provider's cell phone number to text urgent matters as needed. You become the patient of the provider you click on below.

Stefan's DPC subscription. All prices are billed monthly. Stefan sees kids as well of all ages. 

Patients will be screened before acceptance. Complex patients with multiple comorbidities or urgent needs will be asked to register with Dr. Tinney. Stefan is only taking healthy families and those geared towards human performance & optimization. 



Whole Nuclear family $89 

individual + Spouse 


individual + 1 Child (single parent one child)


individual + children (single parent multiple children)


*One Time Registration Fee Per Plan – $39

Stefan is only licensed in FL 

Note that this is the primary care subscription for patients interested in long-term primary care relationship. This is not for one-time visits. Please see the one-time visit part of the website for urgent care and other one time options. This is also not for "trying it out". This is only for patients dedicated towards health optimization. 

Justin cannot see children under age 13. Justin also does not take medicare patients. Justin's DPC price sheet as below. Reach out to for more info on his DPC. Contact him directly at 321-722-7403

  • Age: 17+ $59/Month

  • Couples $95/Month

  • Single parent family $79/month

  • Family (Max 4) $89/Month

    • Additional members $19/Month

*One Time Registration Fee Per Plan – $39

Justin is licensed in FL 

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Dr. Tinney's DPC subscription. All prices are billed monthly. He sees patient age 4+.  Dr. Tinney sees patients at our physical location and does not do house calls typically. Telemedicine calls are possible for patients far away. He is a D.O. in Family Medicine with extensive training in Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Functional Medicine and prices are commensurate with his experience. 



Whole Nuclear family $149 (2 parents and 2 children. Additional children $20 each. 

individual + Spouse 


individual + 1 Child (single parent one child)


One time sign up fee of $50 max $70 for group.

Dr. Tinney is Licensed to care for patients in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Nevada.

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