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Hartmann Method Custom Arch Supports

For Pain Relief 

Unlike off-the-shelf or foam model solutions, the Hartmann method is a labor intensive way to create an exquisite reproduction of the natural arches that only you have. 


Orthotics experts mostly use two methods for making arch supports, neither of which model the natural, full arches: 

We started with trials from a custom arch support maker in Forth Worth, Texas.

  1. He had customer stand in foam to make an impression for the mold: this method only molds the problem, not the solution, that is, if the arches collapse when standing, then standing in foam will, unhelpfully, model the collapsed arches. 

  2. Orthotic expert eyeballed the arch while customer was seated and added or subtracted material, asking customer how it felt. 

While better than no arch support, this method gave unsatisfying support and did not alleviate pain.

In Italy, the top orthopedic surgeon in Milan sent us to the best arch support maker in Milan. This orthotics expert pulled a potato-chip shaped arch support off the shelf that worked well to alleviate pain. The material fell apart under heavy use and lightning did not strike twice. The child’s foot had grown, and the expert had no arch support on the shelf that helped in a similar way. 

In Germany, the best orthotist in Berlin used the standing-in-foam method which resulted in unhelpful supports.

Our Training

Stefan and Thomas traveled  to a grandmaster in Germany who was retiring from creating the best arch support inserts in the world. He shared that making a true mold of a foot’s natural, full arches was time consuming. 

Thomas is a mechanical engineer who is a materials expert in the aerospace industry. He built on the grandmaster’s methodology to reinvent the way orthotic inserts are made through his custom process of materials and lab development.

Hartmann arch supports have been successfully used by elite tennis players, runners and walkers. 

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