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Logan Cahoon, MS, PA-C, ABAAHP  @theinjectionbabe

Select 'Aesthetics Booking'  to purchase a consult

*Once you have purchased the consult, Logan will reach out to you directly to get you scheduled.  Your consultation fee goes towards any treatments you receive. * 

See treatment options and prices below:


Dermal Filler - Starts at $650

IRON DPC member price – Starts at $550


Dermal fillers replace volume that is lost overtime due to aging and other factors.  While we’re big proponents of modalities such as: a nutrient-dense diet, exercise, peptides, hormone replacement, red light therapy, low-stress lifestyle and even HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) as first-line management for delaying the physical signs of aging, we recognize that for some individuals, that’s not always enough to meet their own personal aesthetic goals.  Dermal fillers, which are made of hyaluronic acid, can be used to replace volume that is lost with aging and help individuals look more youthful, refreshed, well-slept and hydrated.  Collagen production starts to dwindle in our mid-to-late 20s and early 30s and we start losing 1% of our collagen per year after that. By 40, collagen drops dramatically, leading to signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin sagging, skin drying and loss of energy.


Lip dissolver - $300

IRON DPC member price - $300


Botulinum (Botox) - $12/unit

IRON DPC member price - $10/unit


Botulinum treatments help to soften dynamic lines and slow the appearance of wrinkling overtime.  What Are Dynamic Lines? Dynamic lines are otherwise known as expression lines. These wrinkles develop in response to repeated muscle movements like smiling, frowning, blinking, and squinting. Every time the muscle contracts during one of these activities, the skin bunches together and creates temporary folds which overtime, becomes permanent and usually deepen.


See this link on identical twins on anti-wrinkle treatments:


Sculptra injections - $750 per session (3 sessions recommended for best results)

IRON DPC member price - $650 per session (3 sessions recommended for best results)


Sculptra: is known as a bio-stimulator and helps stimulate the body’s own collagen production overtime, improving volume over the course of months or years.  Sculptra itself is not a filling product, but it causes the body to stimulate its’ own collagen production, making the body correct skin depressions and smoothing out folds and wrinkles in the injected area.


See this attached link on bio-stimulators and the difference between hyaluronic acid fillers and bio-stimulators like Sculptra:


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections only (not micro-needling) for under-eye hollowing, dark circles or hair loss

$350 per session

IRON DPC member price - $250 per session


Micro-needling - $300 per session WITHOUT PRP (one area: e.g. face, neck, chest)

IRON DPC member price - $250 per session WITHOUT PRP (one area: e.g. face, neck, chest)


Micro-needling is a fabulous treatment modality for acne scaring, large pores, hair loss, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.  It helps promote collagen and elastin at the superficial level, giving a more firm, glowing appearance to the skin.  Micro-needling does not involve any kind of injectable substances but instead, uses tiny needles to induce micro-trauma to the skin.  This microtrauma tells the body to upregulate collagen, elastin and healing factors to improve the skin’s overall appearance through dermal remodeling.  This is ideal for clients who are not interested in having any kind of injectables but wish to achieve a more hydrated, even skin tone.  We have a centrifuge at the office, ergo, we are able to incorporate PRP (platelet rich plasma) into the micro-needling process if desired.  Adding PRP to your treatment gives superior results to that of micro-needling alone. PRP contains cytokines and over 30 growth factors, helping stimulate new skin cell growth and improve blood  to the skin.



Micro-needling with PRP:


Micro-needling with PRP - $500 per session or $1,350 for 3 sessions (one area)

IRON DPC Member price - $350 per session or $1,000 for 3 sessions (one area)

-       3 sessions recommended for best results


Micro-needling with Exosomes - $600 per session (one area)

IRON DPC Member price - $500 per session (one area)

-       3 sessions recommended for best results


Consultation fee - $100 (this amount goes towards any treatment (not in addition to) you do with Logan, PA-C)

Logan Cahoon is a Board Certified Physician Assistant with training in internal medicine, acute care, functional medicine and facial aesthetics.
Having trained in functional medicine and aesthetics through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and
Empire Medical Training
, she has an in depth understanding of facial anatomy and how hormones affect the aging process. She is known for
producing natural results and always prioritizes her patient’s safety above all else. She is trained in Botulinum (Botox), dermal fillers, micro-
needling and PRP. Because of her functional medicine & anti-aging training, she understands the importance of approaching aesthetic medicine
through a holistic lens of not only injectables but hormones, diet, exercise, skin care and hormesis as a means to produce the best results.
If you would like to book a consult to discuss dermal filler, Botox, PRP and/or micro-needling, you can register with her here and she will then reach
out to you personally to schedule you.


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