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Precision Medicine Labs

Every patient has the right to access the most advanced medicine available

At Iron DPC we offer advanced testing through the most cutting edge laboratories.

We have a network of compounding pharmacies that work one-on-one with us to create custom plans for our patients.

We also have affiliations with high-end supplement brands, peptide pharmacies and botanical solutions to provide treatment for ailments that conventional medicine cannot fathom. We have networked with these companies because they are the best. 

Take a look at some of the advanced testing we use

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PA Cahoon leads the Dutch test for women interested in uncovering the finest details of their physiology.

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Genova diagnostics allows us to look deep into nutritional status, antioxidant pathways and the gut.

Advanced cardiac testing with the PULS test.


Mold testing and hair heavy metal analysis with GPL


Microbiome labs is industry leader in gut repair and offers the GI mapping, a comprehensive gut flora evaluation.


US Biotek is another lab that offers some competitive pricing on organic acid testing.


We order most labs through our amazingly affordable rates with labcorp with tests starting at $1.50. We actually prefer not to attempt insurance billing since we've found it is cheaper to avoid insurance entirely! We order complete thyroid panels and the NMR lipoprotein fractionation with LabCorp and much more!

The CACS provides direct insight into plaque formation in your coronary arteries. We order this testing locally.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements backed by research available to our patients at unique prices available only to Iron DPC members.


Quicksilver scientific is a research-based liposomal delivery line of supplements. Liposomal bypasses first pass metabolism. This allows for powerful absorption of supplements instead of allowing them to pass into the urine as often happens with oral and even liquid or IV supplements.


Biocidin is a pharmaceutical grade botanical supplement line backed by research. Thousands of years of Chinese medicine and herbology harnessed in powerful delivery mechanisms.


Peptide therapy opens a whole new realm of medicine for patients looking for options outside of conventional medicine.


Iron DPC is an Official LMNT Partner.

LMNT provides a clean electrolyte pack that provides the scientific ratio of electrolytes. The ratio of 1000 NA, 200 K and 60 Mg is the ratio used in IV bags known as Lactated Ringers during Sepsis and in the surgical arena. This extensive medical research has shown improved patient outcomes using LR. Athletes have now been shown to perform better with this ratio in oral form. In Iron DPC clinical practice we have found patients having clearer thoughts, more energy and improvement in symptoms with LMNT. Stefan uses LMNT on the professional tennis circuit.

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