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Iron DPC attends and provides lectures with the leaders in regenerative medicine. 
Chronic Disease Prevention and Management group
American Osteopathic Society of Integrative Medicine
American Stem Cell Physicians
American Academy of Anti Aging Medine
Age Management Group
The Body Healthcare
Dr. Saleeby PHA 
And more!

A4M Spring Congress VIP afterparty. From left: Dr. Joseph, NP Walsh, Dr. Halasa, PA Stefan, PA Logan. Regular attendees of CDPM weekly meetings


Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Centers (CDPMCs) is a pioneering medical specialty that focuses on developing diagnostic and therapeutic protocols to manage and prevent chronic diseases. Our mission involves restoring and modulating patients’ immune, redox, metabolic, and regenerative status. At CDPMCs, we host an ongoing Fellowship Training for qualified medical practitioners.

Please note that while we provide comprehensive training, we do not directly treat patients or offer medical services or advice to the public at our headquarters. Our program equips physicians and practitioners with continuous education in various critical areas:

  1. Root-Cause Pathophysiology: Weekly literature-based training on understanding the underlying causes of chronic diseases.

  2. Strategic Diagnostic Screening and Monitoring: Enhancing practitioners’ ability to interpret diagnostic results effectively.

  3. Specialized Dietary and Nutritional Programs: Focusing on personalized nutrition for disease management.

  4. Cutting-Edge Therapies: Covering clinical nanomedicine, photodynamic therapy, immune modulation, and more.

  5. Integrative Immuno-oncology: Exploring innovative approaches to cancer treatment.

  6. Pain Management: Strategies for addressing chronic pain.

  7. Cosmetic Procedures: Including micrograft fat transfer and thread lift techniques.

  8. Personalized Medicine: Tailoring treatments to individual patient needs.

By becoming part of CDPMCs, you gain access to valuable resources:

  • Weekly Webinars: Join our online educational seminars every Monday at 7:30 PM EST, featuring leading speakers.

  • Curated Literature Library: Access relevant research materials.

  • Private Chat Group: Engage in discussions with peers.

  • Recorded Presentations and References: Stay informed.

  • Speaking and Training Opportunities: Contribute to the field and enhance your expertise.

Feel free to explore the opportunities CDPMCs offers!

Find many of the non-censored lectures on youtube

Iron DPC works with CDPM- the thought leaders in medicine weekly on Monday night.

IMG_4518 2_edited.png

American Osteopathic Society of Integrative Medicine led by Dr. William Clearfield. Stefan and Iron DPC are regular attendees of the weekly Tuesday meetings

From left to right Dr. Halasa, Dr. Joseph, Dr. Patel, Dr. Clearfield, PA Stefan, PA Logan at the 2023 A4M Las Vegas conference.

You can find a compendium of lectures given by world renown experts as well as Stefan on Dr. Clearfield's website

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