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Matching Couple Rings in Turkey

What does it mean and how to wear it

The engagement ring is worn on either hand. It is not an absolute rule in any country. In Turkey, where engagement followed by a celebration has a long tradition and is a significant event to the couple and their families, the ring is worn on the left finger, similar to Germany. We will explain what engagement in Turkey means, the role of the ring, and how it's worn. Additional reading tips Wedding proposal in Turkey and Wedding in Turkey.

Event of great significance

In Germany, the engagement is a special event that is only performed by two people. It is not celebrated with family and friends. However, in Turkey it's a different story. In the country of the Bosporus the proposal to marry is an old-fashioned tradition that is tied to a myriad of celebrations and rituals. There is nothing wrong with a modern wedding vow in Turkey today that the bride and groom are able to celebrate on their own. Once the marriage proposal has been accepted the traditional wedding celebrations begin. The traditional wedding celebrations include the dazzling engagement ring. However certain couples are religious and do not wear the ring. Of course, there are exceptions and couples that adhere to a traditional view or those who choose to take a different stance.

Not without the parents

You can't just ask your partner to get married and then put the wedding ring on their finger. That is not enough in Turkey. In fact, a "complete" marriage proposal also includes a meeting with the bride's parents where the groom-to-be asks his loved one's parents for their hand in marriage with his parents - who are already aware of the wedding date. If done in a traditional way it is possible that the groom's father even take on this role.

The small engagement party

If both families agree that the marriage should take place, the engagement rings are exchanged. This is only applicable to couples who don't adhere to the strict rules of the Islamic faith. The bride is not the groom's actual wife until they get married, but still a stranger who does wear the ring. Or, as is typically the case for us, only the woman wears a proposal ring such as a beautiful solitaire ring. After the exchange of rings it is time to begin the celebration to recognize the engagement as sealed. In Turkey other family members are invited to visit with parents and to the small engagement celebration that follows. The celebration is held with aunts, grandparents and uncles, if the engagement rings were placed on the fingers of the bride (or both partners).

The big engagement party

It's the time to get large and not small. Up 200 guests is not uncommon for the Turkish engagement celebration. The Turkish people are fond of keeping to old traditions. What color is her dress? Who is responsible for the dress? Who pays for the engagement party? During this celebration the rings that were used for the proposal are exchanged in the presence of the guests. A unique feature is that - even if both spouses are wearing a proposal ring - rings that are later to be used as wedding rings are frequently used. This is why people often dig deeper into their pockets when purchasing engagement rings. There aren't any additional charges for wedding rings. Once the "official" part of the event is over, the celebration begins usually extravagantly and continues into the night.

The engagement ring in Turkey and its meaning

In contrast to Germany and the USA and other western-oriented countries the engagement ring has a different meaning in Turkey. In the Muslim countries it's a symbol to show love and unity between two individuals with no religious significance. Based on the level of religious commitment a couple has and how the Koran is interpret by the imam responsible, a couple may not only choose to forgo the ring to propose or wedding, but may also forgo wedding rings. This religious custom is based on the belief that wearing a ring out exposed reveals that the couple is not an Muslim. If a woman believes the ring that was presented to her for a proposal was given to her by the man, she can wear it and display it without hesitation.

The left hand

The question "On which hand should you wear the engagement ring?" has a straightforward answer If the Turkish couple decides to wear a ring for their proposal, it is affixed to the left ring finger like in Germany. After the wedding ceremony, it can be put on the right finger to go with the wedding ring.

No gold for the religious

In Turkey where engagement rings are also used as wedding rings, it's normal to choose jewelry that isn't made from gold. Men of the Muslim faith are not allowed to wear gold jewelry because the precious metal has been associated with excess luxury and should be avoided. This is the reason why many couples, at the very least if they are religious, opt for rings made of platinum or silver. It's debatable whether the latter isn't an even greater luxury. If only the lady wears a similar ring it could be made of gold in the alloy of her choice women are allowed to wear gold jewelry without restriction and often use it frequently.

Beautiful custom

The ring that is used for the proposal in Turkey is usually purchased by the groom's family members - then, of course, a hidden promise of marriage between two individuals cannot be made and the interpretation of the religion must allow for the rings to be worn. If you decide that both partners will wear rings the rings will be joined with a beautiful red ribbon that will be cut during the engagement party. This occurs after the exchange of rings, if both partners already have the jewelry on their fingers. The rings that are proposed to have a meaning as they symbolize the bond between man and woman, mentally sealed by the parents, as well as the other family members and friends invited to the party.

in Conclusion - the engagement ring in Turkey

While not often worn by couples or even by every bride-tobe, the proposal ring remains a popular tradition in Turkey. Although strictly religious Muslims are often against it, it is part of many couples and plays a crucial role in the various engagement celebrations. Wedding rings are typically used as engagement rings and are therefore worth the investment. While religious men are typically not permitted to wear jewelry made of gold women are permitted to decorate themselves with gold however they please. After marriage the ring can be worn on both hands. It can be placed on the left ring finger when the bride of the wedding desires.


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