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Accident On Hill Road Kannada BETTER Full Movie

rajdhakate asked, u r the most beautifull actress in bollywood .......i like u..Celina Jaitley answers, thanks vaidya asked, will u be acting in tamil movies Celina Jaitley answers, am doing a kannada film called shreemati :)soon will do a tamil film as well

Accident On Hill Road Kannada Full Movie

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mnmnm asked, hi,ur look in the upcoming movie is quite beautiful.what is the movie all about?is it a thriller?Celina Jaitely answers, thank u accident on hill rd is based on a true story which happened in USA in the 90's

Gehlaur was and remains a small village with few resources, and while it lies in a plain it is bordered on the south by a steeply ascending quartzite ridge of Mesoproterozoic (1- 1.6 billion years) age[9] (part of the Rajgir hills) that prevented road access from the town of Wazirganj.

He carved a path 110 m long, 7.7 m deep in places and 9.1 m wide to form a road through the ridge of rocks. He said, "When I started hammering the hill, people called me a lunatic but that steeled my resolve."

In the film, a music guru is killed in a road accident and his artistic soul migrates into Vishwa (Dr. Vishnuvardhan), an aspiring musician and turns him into a virtuoso. The film also explores his relationships with two women, Girija (Madhavi), a popular dancer and Sharada (Saritha), the guru's daughter.[1]

A revivalist melodrama in which the artistic soul of a music guru, killed in a road accident, migrates into the aspiring, but hopeless, musician Vishwa, turning him into a virtuoso capable of realising the guru's dreams. Vishwa is torn between the guru's daughter Sharada and Girija, a popular dancer whose father exploits Vishwa's talent. Vishwa embarks on building a music college with Sharada's help. Girija donates all her money to the cause, but when Vishwa loses his voice, Sharada teaches him to regain it. An interesting twist to the story is that Vishwa is the extension of Sharada's father. Though both Sharada and Girija are shown to be in love with Vishwa, he always sees Sharada in the form of Goddess and only reciprocates the love of Girija.

With no way of finding the real cause of the death of the culprits, Rachana herself takes the wrong u-turn and waits for something to happen. The one who has been killing the culprits is a woman named Maya, because she and her daughter Aarna died in an accident due to the concrete roadblocks that were moved by the culprits in order to make way for their u-turn. Using her supernatural powers, Maya tries to kill Rachana as well. But Rachana promises to find the person who was responsible for Maya's death. Maya agrees. Rachana, with the help of Nayak, tries to find the person who moved the blocks on the day of Maya's accident. They find out the phone number and address of the guy who moved the block. Rachana writes this on a balloon and leaves it on the flyover for Maya to find. She then invites her boyfriend Aditya for dinner.

According to the director, the script of the movie took place on the road. He says, "U-Turn happened in July when I used to drop my daughter Lucy to school and traffic used to be high. I used to park in front of her school for more than an hour and used the time to write the script."[26]

Dia Swaroop, a biotechnology student is an introvert girl living in Bengaluru. She develops a crush on her senior Rohit, but due to her introversion fails to express her feelings before Rohit moves out of the country. Dismayed, she goes about her routine life. After three years, Dia encounters Rohit again in Mumbai where she has moved and is working. Unable to overcome her introversion again she fails to talk to him. However, Rohit talks to her and they both gradually develop a bond. Rohit reveals that she was his crush and proposes his love for her. She confesses and accepts him. One night as they were returning from a movie, they are met with an accident. As Dia wakes up in the hospital and asks for Rohit, she's told by her uncle that Rohit died. Unable to accept Rohit's death, Dia goes into severe depression and decides to kill herself at the railway crossings. As she stands waiting for the oncoming train she's interrupted by a phone call from a good samaritan, Adi, who had retrieved Dia's bag from a thief, which she wasn't even aware of. Miffed at the interruption she tells him to keep it and not to call her again. Coincidentally Adi and Dia keep bumping into each other and Dia reveals her past to him. With his happy-go-lucky nature and charm Adi manages to bring Dia out of her turmoil and develops a friendship with her. Soon they realize how much they like being with each other and confess their love. Dia returns happily to Mumbai, where she's shocked to find Rohit waiting for her. It is revealed that Rohit was declared brain dead with no certainty of him returning hence her father lied to Dia so that she will move on. Miserable, she calls Adi and tells him. Adi, although heartbroken, tells Dia to live happily with Rohit. Adi gets to know of Dia's reception and goes to see her for one last time despite his mother forbidding him. He meets a disheartened Dia and happy Rohit and wishes them well and returns home. There he finds that his mother died due to massive cardiac arrest and that she could have been saved if someone was around her. Meanwhile, Dia confesses everything to Rohit, and distressed Rohit tells her to go back to Adi so that she will be happy. Elated, Dia goes to Adi's home and finds him missing. She searches for him everywhere until an auto driver reveals that Adi has gone to the same place she went to commit suicide. Adi, feeling immense guilt over his mother's death and feeling unable to live without his mother and Dia, has decided to commit suicide at the railway crossings. He prays to God one last time for the happiness of Dia and waits for the train. Dia frantically reaches him on time and calls him out. Adi turns to her surprised and awestruck that he forgets to move and gets hit by the train as a startled Dia watches on.


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