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Jazza S Signature Brushes [Design]

In the late 1980s, Stephanie Miller worked as a graphic designer for Imperial Bondware, a paper and plastic cup manufacturer based in Ohio.[2][6] According to Miller, Imperial Bondware held a contest for its three graphic designers to create a new cup design.[6] She used paint brushes and ink to create the winning design,[2][12] and she designed it in a way that it would be easy to print:[6] "The whole idea was that it would be easier to be printed, because the design didn't have to line up at all. You didn't have to worry about edges lining up."[12] Miller later said that she believed her design was titled "Brush Strokes", but she could not remember for sure.[6] According to Miller, officials for Imperial Bondware considered her new design too "forward thinking" and stopped using it after approximately one year.[2] Miller acknowledged she did not have proof that she created the design, although she wrote on Reddit in 2015:[2]

Jazza S Signature Brushes [Design]

Brushes are an essential part of creating an illustration. Think of literal paint brushes with different sizes, bristles, styles, and usage. You need the right brush to create your artwork. Procreate is an advanced graphics app that lets you paint, draw, illustrate using your tablet or mobile device and a stylus to produce a digital masterpiece. It supports thousands of versatile brushes that are made for calligraphy, font design, texture, stamps, paints, sketches and so much more. Procreate also supports pressure sensitivity which makes painting a lot easier and smoother.

Create your dream home or infrastructure using these 34 Procreate Brick Seamless Texture Brush. Perfect for Interior, Architecture, and External design that will give your illustration the right texture. For a better effect, use Clipping Mask when using these Brick seamless texture brushes. [Learn more]

These stamp brushes are for Photoshop with watercolor texture. Each element is drawn on paper and carefully digitalized. Use them to add handmade effects for your creative projects, e.g. wedding invitations, greeting cards, prints, packaging design and etc.


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