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Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood

Download APK File [Android 5.0] V1.03 REPACK

I downloaded the mirror version and it said damaged apk i downloaded new hotfix version and again it said damaged apk. Please upload Working game file for android. I have been waiting months to finally get enough internet to download this and everything has been put to waste.

Download APK File [Android 5.0] v1.03

Download Zip:

After checking /data/data/ we notice that neither our language pack directory or test file exist. Bummer. The application must be validating these zips. After a bit more exploration, we notice a manifest was downloaded prior to the zip download which contains a listing of all the language packs, their url locator, and the SHA1 hash of the zip.

2) Next, you need to download the data of the game. After downloading, open the file (preferably through Solid Explorer ) and extract the folder inside it to the root of the internal memory of your device. 041b061a72


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