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Allow me to Introduce Myself

For those new here I'm Stefan Hartmann the founder of Iron Direct Primary Care.

I am a conventionally trained PA educated in the allopathic medical model with a B.S in Exercise Science. These degrees were a great foundation that I have built upon ever since with daily self-study of human performance and optimization. I was employed in the conventional medical model in a variety of specialties but was always in search of a better solution for patients.

Nutrition and its role in disease and prevention is second nature to me as I was raised with this mindset, but I learned quickly that nutrition had no place in the differential diagnosis in allopathic medicine.

As a personal trainer I learned how powerful muscle was as a tool for reversing diseases. Conventional medicine places little emphasis on building muscle which also was at contrast to my methodology.

I always knew I had to start Iron DPC. My pursuit of human optimization and root cause approach to disease led me to study every day reading the literature and going to anti-aging and functional medicine conferences. The result is of this work can be found in the hundreds of hours of university level lectures freely available on the Iron Direct Primary Care YouTube channel where anyone can learn. I attend 4-8 hours of live academic society lectures via zoom every week learning from the most forward thinkers in the US and often present my own research to these societies.

The provider and patient must educate themselves and learn that there is much more to evidence based medicine than the current cookie-cutter pharma-surgical paradigm. Those who come to Iron DPC have said that we are 30 years ahead of medicine. What we are currently doing will become the standard of care in the future.

At Iron DPC you will find-

Pro 2nd amendment. Pro medical freedom. Anti-mask. Anti-lockdown. Anti-tyranny from the start. Stefan has been against the covid-nonsense since day one.

Advanced cardiac risk markers

Advanced nutritional evaluation and nutrient and diet optimization

Advanced hormone evaluation and treatment. We optimize hormones with bio-identical hormone replacement using testosterone, estradiol, pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone and if needed even cortisol and HGH.

Iron DPC understands electrolytes and the importance of magnesium and iodine in its role for reversing and preventing disease.

Integrative approach to weight management using community nutritionists, personal trainers, peptides, anabolic steroids, growth hormone optimization, dexa body composition analysis,

Non-narcotic approach to pain management with peptides, repurposed drugs like low-dose-naltrexone, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine.

Outside the box approach to the chronically allergic patient with mycotoxin evaluation, herbal medicine, peptides and repurposed drugs like amlexenox.

Early treatment advocates for covid. Stefan developed the same FLCCC protocol used now millions of times early in 2020.

We also have platelet rich plasma and an IRB study for stem cell therapy and exosomes. PA Logan offers microneedling with these, botox and filler.

Iron DPC is home of the Human Performance Arena which is an all you can access exclusive outdoor gym, indoor morozko cold forge cold plunge that maintains 34 degrees F, traditional Finnish sauna with steam room and red light therapy.

All found in the historic office at 107 Riverside Place South, Indialantic, Florida.

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