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FDA Peptide Ban

Hi Iron DPC. As some of you all may have heard, the FDA is moving to ban peptides from compounding pharmacies. Please consider signing this petition here.

Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids that can be synthesized at compounding pharmacies which can be then prescribed to patients for research purposes. Peptides have the potential to heal orthopedic injuries, improve the immune system, improve sleep, extend telomeres, improve cognition and are researched as potential treatments for hundreds of conditions such as Parkinson’s, colitis, arthritis, AIDS, neurodegenerative diseases, wasting diseases, growth hormone deficiency, sleep disorders, traumatic Brain injury, COVID, vax injury, MCAS, infertility and much more. Peptides benefit patients by improving quality of life, healing the body and healing injuries all with none of the typical pharmaceutical side effects.

I have tried to call many of these FDA representatives in an effort to explain this to them this week and only reached their voicemail and left messages with only one return call just to tell me it was another department that I needed to reach which also didn’t answer or return calls. This is highly frustrating to us at Iron DPC as we do not feel represented by our governing authorities.

We must allow innovation in medicine. America leads this innovation and the world follows. The ban on peptides slows medical progress and will limit innovative approaches to healing patients. It will also open the doors wider to black market agents that are inherently more dangerous due to lower quality production lines and contaminated powders.

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