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Prep for annual Iron DPC Christmas photoshoot

A classic Iron DPC tradition is to schedule a fitness aesthetic photoshoot after Christmas. This is purposefully scheduled months in advance so that we have time to lean out and also to hold us accountable over the holidays. There is no reason to gain fat during the holiday season. With all the protein available during these winter American holidays we should be at our fittest. A very simple way you can reach aesthetic body composition goals is dropping your calories (yes even healthy calories) gradually over the course of many months. You can download the free app MyFitnessPal and set your goals. You can also schedule a RMR and DEXA scan with Composition ID orlando special Iron DPC rates for 2 dexa scans is $149 to more accurately calculate calorie needs. The photoshoot is done by Christal Charlez at Ryckman park Melbourne Beach Saturday morning of 12/28/24. If you are committed to this project, Iron DPC members are to start prepping for his and can register on our sign up sheet for the photoshoot.

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