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Testosterone replacement is safe contrary to Rockefeller medicine belief

The corrupt Rockefeller medicine industry did not teach us about testosterone replacement. Why?

Because you can't patent a natural substance in the body.

Thus Pharma can't make money off it.

Testosterone replacement along with resistance training in an aging man will disrupt many of the so-called "normal aging" process. We are led to think the being frail and elderly and taking blood pressure meds and a cholesterol pill is normal. This is false and I'm here to prove the literature to you because amazingly Pub Med and Google Scholar are still pure sources of unbiased information and we can see how powerful and safe hormone replacement is. There should be way more studies on it of course. If any novel medication were so powerful in reversing chronic diseases we would see large randomized control trials on it so that Pharma could get it FDA approved and charge $15,000 for a vial.

Please see video below for the Evidence for TRT

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