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The Price of Truth vs. Deception In Healthcare

Stefan here and I'm sure you're as happy as I am to see Fauci grilled by congress. A little backstory on me. First two weeks of the bioweapon in the US I had already studied the mechanism of disease and developed the nutraceutical and early treatment protocol without even knowing about the FLCCC at the time. Treated thousands of patients. Didn’t wear a mask. Advocated against lockdowns and wrote to local politicians and was told I’m “just a physician’s assistant” with the apostrophe. I Asked patients to take off their mask in front of me. I wrote mask exemptions which eventually led to me needing to seek new employment. Spoke positively about ivermectin and recognized vaccine injury and spoke about it at another job which resulted in me having to find new employment. Wrote prescriptions for HCQ and was reported by big box pharmacies and didn’t wear a mask at clinics and told every random patient not to take the jab or any further ones. This also resulted in me needing to find new employment. By that time I had started Iron Direct Primary Care because I knew working for insurance based medicine was a dead end. I had tried 4 different work environments and four different specialties and at least about 8 other ones as a student and found there had been no place for someone ethical to work.

 The system is against all critical thinkers from the lowest urgent care to the highest ivory tower academic teaching hospital.

What I've learned over the pandemic is that changing my the institutions and the academics is impossible. Only you, the patient, can change them and the system by voting with your dollar. When you don't buy into insurance you are voting for a change in the system. When you choose a compounding pharmacy over walgreens/cvs you change the system. When you make an appointment with us rather than rushing to an urgent care or specialist you are changing the system. When you embrace cold plunge, sauna, building muscle, hormone optimization, functional medicine and eating real food you are changing the system because you are becoming healthier and will not need the system. 

I read this full declaration by a top surgeon who observed the same atrocities and met a similar fate in the political hospital hierarchy system. A worthwhile read to learn deeper what is happening in the conventional system: The Price of Truth vs. Deception In Healthcare

Also, I see lots of medical professionals, medical offices, and companies posting in June about #pridemonth but not a single one of them speaking out against the medical atrocities happening to children and young adults with mental illness (gender dysphoria). Instead my peers in medicine are championing harmful hormone and surgery interventions or pretend that it isn't a crime against humanity. Iron DPC stands strongly against this abomination of medicine and has signed the following declaration

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