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From hidden gems like The Good Girl, starring 21-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal and 32-year-old celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston to the decidedly darker The Reader, starring Kate Winslet in her Oscar-winning performance, these movies all took a stab at showing the real-world Olivia Wilde-Harry Styles dynamic on-screen, for better or for worse. Read on to see which of your favorite actors have coupled up with slightly-to-much older ladies for a movie romance.

movie old mature


The film Goosebumps does the same thing for horror films. An older audience might feel nostalgic for the books or get a smile out of the cornucopia of creatures that come to life. But the movie is aimed at the same youth market that embraces the books.

THIS WEEKEND JackieRobinson made history again as the new film 42delivered the best opening ever for a baseball movie and clinchedfirst place at the North American box office by racing past industry expectations.Meanwhile, the mindless spoof comedy Scary Movie5 attracted a fraction of the once-popular franchise's audienceand debuted in second place with unimpressive results. Overall ticket saleswere about even with normal mid-April levels.

Warner Bros. scored its best opening of 2013 with the inspirationalbaseball drama 42 which grossed $27.5Mfrom 3,003 theaters for a potent $9,153 average, according to finalstudio figures. The PG-13 hit ended up well ahead of pre-release expectationswhich had it opening to a ceiling of $20M. In the process the feel-goodpic broke the record for the best debut ever for any baseball flick beatingthe $19.7M of 2006's The Benchwarmersas well as the $19.5M of the more recent Moneyballfrom 2011 which went on to become a major Oscar contender. Unlike footballmovies, films about America's national pastime have never driven in hugenumbers on opening weekend.

But the stellar debut wasn't the only good news for 42as its future looks exceptionally bright with a long-lastingrally ahead. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the story about MajorLeague Baseball's first African-American player a sensational A+ gradeindicating fantastic word-of-mouth for the coming weeks. Plus the crowdskewed very old and mature adults do not always rush out on opening weekendso a sizable audience still lies ahead. In addition, Monday is Jackie RobinsonDay when all baseball players wear his famous number 42 jersey during theirgames adding a tremendous amount of free publicity for the film to exploitin the days ahead. The studio carefully slotted it during a time when thesport's new season was beginning to capitalize on fan excitement.

The Weinstein Co. release was not screened for critics in advance andreviews were understandably horrible when they finally had a chance tosee the film. The new Scary tried tosell itself as being hip and relevant by promoting its co-stars CharlieSheen and Lindsay Lohan who have been tabloid favorites in recent years.But audiences did not bite. They could see their wild antics for free anytime.Plus spoof comedies have lost their popularity and January's R-rated hitA Haunted House already satisfied whathunger there was for a movie send-up of the horror genre with an openingweekend average that was twice as big. The CinemaScore grade was a horribleC- and TV spots with lame jokes didn't help any.

No, I wasn't one of those early baby-boomers who matured watching her mature on the Mickey Mouse Club Show. I was a late baby boomer and the TV shows I remember were Davy Crockett and Andy Griffith (not to mention the Banana Splits, F-Troop, Gilligan's Island and the Monkees, but let's not get into that!).

Living in Ketchikan in the late 1960s lead to an odd New Year's Eve ritual: The midnight KATV beach movie. As odd as it seems, there were several consecutive years in which the local cable TV station played old beach movies on New Year's Eve. I particularly remember "Ride, Ride the Wild Surf," "Beach Blanket Bingo," and "How to Stuff A Wild Bikini."

I guess the best part of all those old New Year's beach movies was that they were really educational. I learned a lot from those movies. It wasn't quite the same a learning everything you need to know in Kindergarten (where I learned that despite having her back turned Mrs. Kienel could still pick out my voice from the chattering herd and suggest I 'let someone else talk for a change'), but then I was a little ways past Kindergarten at that point.

I learned that men with facial hair were usually bad. The guy that Annette would fall for would be a little "older" and have some sort of facial hair (goatee, Van Dyke, never a full beard, that was too sinister). That would make him "mature" and somewhat dangerous. In the end, it would turn out that he was bad or had bad intentions toward Annette. Either way, Frankie would whip him in a fight or a surfing challenge or something. 041b061a72


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